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Baby Massage

Sally Joy baby massage
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Before babies are able to understand language, their first communication is through touch. Not only is touch comforting, impulsive and soothing, it provides infants with instant security and a feeling of calm that transcends other communication. Originally developed in neo-natal wards to support the development of premature babies; baby massage has been proven to reduce post-natal complications, strengthen bonds, and boost the mental wellbeing of mums worldwide. Baby massage is the perfect experience to share with your baby. Whether you want to boost your confidence in holding and comforting your little one, spend quality time with your baby in a non-judgmental environment, or learn new skills to help relax and stimulate your baby, trying baby massage with Sally Joy is the right choice for you.

Sally Joy's 5 week programme is priced at £49.

Gift vouchers are now available! 

A perfect baby shower present from one special friend to another.

January 2022-

Daddy and Baby massage workshop.

Saturday Morning (every 6 weeks)

One off session dedicated to dads and babies.

A light, fun and relaxed class kept purposefully small to give you time and space. Use this time to enhance your handling skills and bonding to develop an empathetic relationship based on touch and shared feelings. 

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What I offer

What I offer

The one hour classes are kept small to allow individual attention and time to meet other parents in a fun, relaxed environment. Sally will show you how to use touch, strokes and top-to-toe routines to support a close relationship; helping your baby relax and thrive.

Baby massage is developmental therapeutic play designed for babies from the ages of 6 weeks to crawling.

Sally joy baby massage

Throughout the 5 week programme, you will learn both soothing and stimulating techniques in digestible, step-by-step demonstrations. Due to the intimate size of the groups; Sally is able to tailor her programme to suit specific needs and follow the pace of each individual. This steady and informative approach will enhance your confidence in handling your baby whilst allowing you to share special time together. Each week you will build upon different sequences, adding more techniques until all the amazing benefits of baby massage are learnt; enabling you to continue at ease in the comfort of your own home.

Massage stimulates the release of the body’s natural opiates (endorphins), helping to subdue pain and release stress. Combined with the release of oxytocin (the “love” hormone), the simple science helps your baby relax; calming their breathing, heart rate and helping to aid digestion. We all know that calm babies sleep and feed better, helping with weight gain and cognitive development.

Sally is a highly qualified instructor in baby massage. She not only follows a passion, interest and enthusiasm for this alternative and complementary therapy, she brings a wealth of 30 years’ knowledge and experience in the childcare and education sector. Most importantly, she is a mother of three children who have all benefited from her understanding of massage as the earliest form of communication.



Seachange, The Budleigh Hub 

Budleigh Salterton EX9 6HF

The Grange Court Hotel

Cranbrook, EX5 2FP

The Newcourt Community Centre, Blake’s Lee drive, Exeter EX2 7FN

Nancy Potter House

Topsham, EX3 0DX

Devon Eco Boutique, 

Ottery St. Mary, EX11 1BY

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